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Stuff I Like

I'm writing this post so that I don't forget that I do like things when I'm pissed off at and think I hate everything. I'm going to continue to add to it over time.

* Justin Long
* getting all snuggled up in cold weather
* overcast days
* the rain
* storms
* cuddling up with someone when it's cold
* cuddles and hugs and snuggles!
* kisses you get lost in
* music
* dancing
* nice scenery/landscape
* walking along the beach with a nice breeze
* the sound of waves
* swimming
* being near bodies of water
* pretty views at night
* pretty lights at night
* raving
* concerts
* music festivals
* doing well on exams
* doing well academically altogether
* all things purple - even if it's a bruise!
* nice eyes
* nice smiles
* nice eyebrows ;)
* some piercings (ie appropriate ones that look good on people)
* tasteful tattoos
* artwork that suits my weird taste
* puppies
* dogs in general
* young animals in general
* most animals in general and anything huggable!
* cute things
* sweet things
* sushi
* movies
* riding a bike
* riding on the back of a bike
* roads
* cars
* bikes
* the kindness of strangers
* when people let you in in traffic
* random chats with people you don't know
* my kids being grateful for my tutoring
* Amy Lee and Evanescence
* elegant things
* teddy bears
* white gold
* diamonds
* crystals
* goth accessories
* photos
* that satisfaction and appreciation you feel after achieving something you worked hard for
* short summer vacations of sitting on the beach and sunbathing
* going for ice cream
* ice skating
* team sports - namely netball and field hockey
* muay thai
* small surprise gifts from people, even if it's just a chuppa chup
* massages
* perfumes
* nice smelling toiletries in general
* lipgloss
* coding
* sewing my own clothes and having them turn out ok!
* getting green traffic lights on your way home
* having a shower and then jumping into a newly made bed with nice sheets
* my sexy G7 *fondles*
* omg my G9 - hot as
* G15 *is moist*
* good sex .. nay, great sex!
* making up after an argument/disagreement
* going out for coffee
* playing board games or cards
* long hot showers - prior to the water shortage of course
* hot baths
* sleeping under the aircon in the dark with a warm doona, listening to loud KoRn on a summer day
* getting to the front of a mosh pit
* not dying in a mosh pit
* passing out from total exhaustion and having the best sleep ever
* watching Buffy!
* fire twirling
* physical activity to get those endorphins pumping
* having the man-like ability to have a sense of direction
* meph listening to me, nuzzling me and wanting attention from me
* when i get on my mad cleaning sprees
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